1. NeoCell Product Development and Packaging Design for natural beauty supplements. These are delicious and refreshing (seriously, they’re delectable!) drink mixes that are packed with Collagen and other amazing nutrients for your hair, skin, and nails.

  2. NeoCell Product Development and Packaging Design for all natural beauty supplements.

  3. NeoCell Advertisement  featured in a variety of the natural food industry publications such as Better Nutrition.

    All copy writing is done by me as well. 

  4. Event logo and identity.

    Lending Little Hearts a Hand is an annual gala hosted by the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund’s Atlanta Chapter.  

  5. Eldessouky Law Identity.

    Logo and branding design and development for a young and innovative law firm.

  6. Jannae Beauty Institute

    Identity Redesign. Single Serving Packaging Design for Collagen Supplement to be sold at the Jannae Beauty Institute. 

    Digital Ad Design featured in Riviera Magazine’s monthly Email Newsletter.


  7. NeoCell - Product Guide

  8. NeoCell Collagen Infographic on the Collagen Regeneration Cycle in the body and the importance of Collagen supplementation. 

    by Artuleep

  9. Brand identity for medical and wellness center.

    by Artuleep

  10. Brand identity design for the 3 partners of a property management company in Atlanta, GA. 

    by Artuleep

  11. NeoCell Collagen Line Drive Campaign

    NeoCell Collagen Educational Ad

    Concept. Copy writing. Product photography. Branding. Design
    by Artuleep

  12. NeoCell Collagen Sport Product Drive Campaign

    Concept. Copy writing. Product photography. Design
    by Artuleep

  13. NeoCell Beauty Bursts - Product Launch Campaign

    Concept. Copy writing. Photography. Design.
    by Artuleep


  14. "My heart is a thousand years old. I am not like other people."
    — Charles Bukowski  (via thatkindofwoman)

    (Source: seabois, via thatkindofwoman)

  15. New logo I’m working on. Nothing quite as satisfying as hand lettering.